Top 2 Angular SaaS Boilerplates 2024

Last update on
January 31, 2024

ABP SaaS Boilerplate

Embrace the power of ABP, a SaaS boilerplate, designed on the robust .NET Framework. Serving as a strong foundation for developers, ABP facilitates the creation of secure, scalable, and reliable SaaS applications with speed and ease. Essential features such as user and tenant management, roles & permissions, and multi-tenancy are readily included. 

Key Features

  • Admin Portal
  • Language Management
  • Blogging
  • File Management


  • $2,999 Team
  • $5,999 Business
  • $9,999 Enterprise

Carrot Seed SaaS Boilerplate

Accelerate your SaaS development with Carrotseed Django, a boilerplate designed for efficiency and swift product launch. Requiring minimal coding knowledge, it includes all essential SaaS components like user authentication, payments, and subscriptions. Built on the Python-based Django framework, it's easily customizable, scalable, and lets you focus on product development and business growth.

Key Features

  • User and account management
  • Payment system
  • CI/CD ready


  • 490€ monthly per project
  • 690€ monthly per project
  • 990€ monthly per project

Delve into a handpicked collection of Angular SaaS boilerplates designed to streamline the creation of enterprise-level, feature-rich Software as a Service applications using the robust Angular framework.