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May 31, 2023


Nodewood is a Node.js and Vue.js based SaaS boilerplate designed for software developers. With its powerful set of features and high customizability, Nodewood makes it easy to build scalable SaaS applications quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • User Administration
  • Per Seat Billing
  • PayPal Support


  • $99 Per Project
  • $199 Unlimited Projects


Boostack is a powerful SaaS boilerplate built with Node.js and Vue.js. It includes all the essential features of a SaaS application and has a modular architecture for easy customization. It's the perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to quickly create their own SaaS products.

Key Features

  • Authentication
  • Multi-tenancy & Teams
  • Subscription


  • $99 Per Project
  • $199 Unlimited Projects

What is a Vue.js SaaS boilerplate?

A Vue.js SaaS boilerplate is a pre-built project template that provides a starting point for developers to build their SaaS applications with Vue.js. It includes a set of pre-built functionalities such as user authentication, billing, and subscription management, that every SaaS application needs.

Using a Vue.js SaaS boilerplate saves developers a lot of time by allowing them to focus on building unique features and functionality for their applications. With a boilerplate, developers don't have to start from scratch, which can be time-consuming and repetitive.

Here is a list of some of the best Vue.js SaaS boilerplates available in the market.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework used to build user interfaces and single-page applications. It is lightweight and easy to integrate into other projects. Vue.js has been gaining popularity among developers due to its simplicity and flexibility. The framework has over 203k stars on GitHub and is used by over 2 million websites.

Vue.js allows developers to create reusable components, providing better structure and easier maintenance for complex applications. It also offers built-in directives and filters to manipulate data, making it easier to work with data in real time. Other benefits of Vue.js include improved performance, faster development, and better scalability.

Here are the top benefits of Vue.js:

  • Vue.js uses a reactive and component-based structure, which makes it easier for developers to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces.
  • Vue.js is lightweight and can be easily integrated with other libraries or existing projects, reducing the development time and improving the overall performance of the application.
  • Vue.js has a gentle learning curve and is easy to use, even for developers who are new to front-end development.
  • Vue.js offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used for building small to large-scale applications. It also allows developers to integrate with other libraries or frameworks, making it an ideal choice for hybrid applications.
  • Vue.js has a large and active community of developers, which provides regular updates, bug fixes, and support. This ensures that developers have access to the latest tools and resources to build high-quality applications.


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