Top 2 Adonis.js SaaS Boilerplates 2024

Last update on
August 23, 2023


Pace is a SaaS boilerplate for building responsive and interactive user interfaces. It offers state management, routing, server-side rendering, and code splitting features, and can be used with React, Vue, Angular. With its intuitive API and helpful community, Pace is a great choice for building modern web applications.

Key Features

  • Invoices
  • Teams
  • Admin area


  • $149 One project
  • $299 Unlimited projects

SaaStr SaaS

Dive headfirst into your new SaaS journey with SaaStr, a highly efficient React SaaS boilerplate. SaaStr is developed on Adonis.js for backend operations and React Starter Kit for frontend tasks. Perfectly engineered to expedite your SaaS project, SaaStr helps eliminate boilerplate setup, letting you focus on what truly matters - building your unique product.

Key Features

  • Authentification
    Stripe Subscription
    Subscription onboarding


  • Free

What is an Adonis.js SaaS Boilerplate?

An Adonis.js SaaS boilerplate is a pre-built application that includes a set of functionalities to accelerate the development of SaaS applications. It contains pre-configured tools, such as user authentication, billing, and subscription management, to help developers save time and effort. By starting with a boilerplate, developers can focus on the unique aspects of their application rather than building repetitive features from scratch.

In conclusion, Adonis.js SaaS boilerplates can help developers save time and effort by providing pre-built functionalities. By using these boilerplates, developers can focus on building unique features for their applications and launch them faster.

Here are some of the best Adonis.js SaaS boilerplates available.

What is Adonis.js?

Adonis.js is a Node.js web application framework designed for building scalable and maintainable SaaS applications. Adonis.js has gained popularity among developers and has over 14.2k stars on GitHub. It is an open-source, MVC-based framework that simplifies the development process and provides a robust set of tools and functionalities.

It takes inspiration from Laravel framework of PHP and focuses on being developer friendly by providing a stable eco-system to write server-side web applications so you can focus on business needs over finalizing which package to choose or not.

Adonis.js provides a streamlined workflow and includes everything needed to build a fully functional web app or an API server, such as an ORM, routing, authentication, validation, file uploads, and more. It offers a robust toolset for both beginners and experienced developers interested in crafting high-performing web services.

Some of the benefits of Adonis.js are:

  • Full-Stack Framework: Adonis.js is a complete, full-stack framework, meaning it can handle everything from the database to the user interface. This makes it easier to build both the front-end and back-end of a web application at the same time.
  • MVC Architecture: Adonis.js conforms to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, bringing in a structure to your codebase and making it quite organized and maintainable.
  • Consistent Syntax: One of the strong advantages of Adonis.js is its consistency. It ensures a uniform syntax throughout the framework, which streamlines the development process.
  • Built-In Features: Adonis.js comes with many built-in features right out of the box such as routing, authentication, request handling, ORM, and more. This reduces the need for third-party libraries and modules.
  • ES6 Syntax: Adonis.js fully supports the ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) syntax and makes use of async/await functions to handle asynchronous code more efficiently.
  • In-built ORM: Adonis.js comes with Lucid, a SQL ORM that simplifies interacting with databases. Lucid supports a variety of database operations and also has support for database migrations.
  • Security: Adonis.js has a dedicated module for protection against common web attack vectors, such as CSRF, SQL injection attacks, and XSS.
  • Active Community and Documentation: Adonis.js has an active community of developers contributing to its ongoing development. It also has extensive and detailed documentation, making it easier for developers to learn and troubleshoot.
  • Easily Testing Capabilities: Adonis.js makes it easy to test your code with its inbuilt testing support. It makes unit testing more straightforward and reliable.
  • Scalability: Adonis.js is built with scalability in mind, making it an ideal choice for applications that need to scale over time.