Top 3 Nuxt.js SaaS Boilerplates 2024

Last update on
January 31, 2024

Supastarter SaaS Boilerplate

Launch your SaaS application faster with Supastarter, a Next.js-based boilerplate providing a pre-built foundation for development. It offers essential features like user authentication, subscription management, and billing integrations, reducing both time and cost. With Supastarter's high customizability and powerful plugin system, developers can focus on unique application logic, standing out in the market.

Key Features

  • Authentication
  • Subscriptions
  • Internationalization


  • 299€ Unlimited Projects


Accelerate your project from concept to launch with Rapid Launch, the premiere platform for fast project validation and deployment. Overcome the common startup challenge of lengthy setup and integration, as identified by 74% of startups in a TechValidate survey. Rapid Launch offers makers and entrepreneurs the tools to swiftly test ideas, set up payment systems, launch email marketing, and manage analytics, turning potential weeks of work into mere minutes. Say goodbye to delays and missed opportunities.

Key Features

  • Login & Register pages
  • Fully customizable
  • Fully integrated with Stripe


  • $249

Supanuxt SaaS Boilerplate

Explore the power of an advanced SaaS boilerplate, integrating Nuxt3, Supabase, OAuth, Prisma, TRPC, Pinia, Stripe, Tailwind, and OpenAI. Designed for optimal performance, this combination empowers seamless development, increased productivity, and superior software quality.

Key Features

  • Social Signon
  • Email/Password Signon via Supabase
  • User roles and permissions


  • Free

What is a Nuxt.js SaaS Boilerplate?

A Nuxt.js SaaS Boilerplate is a pre-configured, ready-to-use template designed to facilitate the rapid development of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications using the Nuxt.js framework. Nuxt.js is a popular Vue.js framework that offers server-side rendering, static site generation, and other modern web development features out of the box. It's designed to make the process of building complex and performant Vue.js applications more streamlined and efficient.

Nuxt.js was created by Alexandre Chopin and SΓ©bastien Chopin. The brothers co-founded the project and released it to the public in 2016. Their goal was to make web development simpler and more powerful by building a framework on top of Vue.js that incorporates server-side rendering and other modern web development features out of the box. Through their efforts, Nuxt.js has grown into a widely used and respected framework within the web development community, appreciated for its ease of use and flexibility in building performant, SEO-friendly web applications.

A SaaS boilerplate built with Nuxt.js typically includes a set of foundational features that are common to many SaaS projects. These might include:

  1. User Authentication System: Ready-to-use authentication systems for handling user sign-ups, logins, password resets, and possibly social logins (Google, Facebook, etc.).
  2. Subscription Management: Integration with payment gateways like Stripe for handling subscription-based billing, including plans, subscriptions, and invoicing.
  3. API Integration: Pre-configured setup for connecting the frontend Nuxt.js application with backend services through RESTful APIs or GraphQL.
  4. Database Configuration: Guidelines or setups for connecting to and using databases to store user data and application state.
  5. Routing and Middleware: Pre-defined routes for common pages (Home, About, Dashboard, etc.) and middleware for handling authentication, redirects, and other routing needs.
  6. UI Components: A set of basic UI components tailored to SaaS applications, potentially including dashboards, tables, forms, and more.
  7. Performance Optimizations: Built-in configurations for optimizing the performance of the application, such as code splitting, lazy loading, and server-side rendering or static site generation.
  8. Security Best Practices: Implementations of security measures to protect the application and its users, including HTTPS setup, data validation, and protection against common web vulnerabilities.

Using a Nuxt.js SaaS Boilerplate significantly reduces the time and effort required to set up and configure the many components of a SaaS application, allowing developers and businesses to focus on building unique features and bringing their products to market faster. Additionally, it leverages the benefits of Nuxt.js, such as its Vue.js foundation, to offer a developer-friendly and performance-oriented starting point for SaaS projects.