GeniePy SaaS Boilerplate

Last update on
May 31, 2023

GeniePy is a SaaS boilerplate written in Python that provides a powerful and flexible starting point for entrepreneurs, managing directors, and software developers who want to build SaaS applications quickly and easily. With GeniePy, you can focus on building your business logic, while the boilerplate takes care of the infrastructure and common functionality. This saves you time and money, allowing you to get your product to market faster. GeniePy includes features such as user authentication, subscription management, payment processing, and more. Whether you are building a new SaaS application or adding new features to an existing one, GeniePy can help you get there faster.


  • User Management
  • Subscriptions
  • Emails
  • Database Integration
  • Blog
  • Cloud File Storage
  • Admin Interface
  • Observability
  • Real-time communication

Payment Providers

  • Stripe


  • Python
  • GraphQL API


  • Bootstrap CSS


  • Render
  • Heroku
  • Appliku


  • Lifetime


  • $149 Unlimited