Gravity SaaS Boilerplate

Last update on
May 31, 2023

With Gravity, entrepreneurs can focus on building their unique business logic while Gravity takes care of the underlying infrastructure. Gravity includes all the essential features of a SaaS application, such as user authentication, payment processing, and subscription management, out of the box. Additionally, Gravity offers a flexible and extensible architecture that allows developers to add new features and integrations with ease. With Gravity, launching a SaaS application has never been easier.


  • Subscription payments
  • Users and authentication
  • Social logins
  • Teams
  • User management
  • Security and permissions
  • User impersonation
  • User onboarding

Payment Providers

  • Stripe


  • Node.js


  • React
  • Tailwind CSS


  • 1 year of updates


  • $795 iOS & Android boilerplate
  • $895 Web app boilerplate
  • $1595 Web & native boilerplates