LiveSaaSKit SaaS Boilerplate

Last update on
May 31, 2023

LiveSAASKIT is a SaaS boilerplate built on Phoenix Framework and written in Elixir. It provides entrepreneurs, managing directors, and software developers with a solid foundation to build their own SaaS applications quickly and efficiently. With LiveSAASKIT, you can focus on building the unique features of your SaaS application instead of worrying about the common infrastructure components. It includes user authentication, subscription management, billing, and team management features out of the box, and it's designed to be flexible and customizable. Whether you're starting a new project or adding SaaS capabilities to an existing one, LiveSAASKIT can help you get up and running fast.


  • Phoenix LiveView
  • Authentication
  • Product Subscriptions
  • Multi Tenancy for account management
  • Announcements and Notifications
  • User Impersonation
  • Email Templates
  • Recurring jobs
  • Social login/Oath authentication
  • Administration / Backoffice pages
  • Campaigns Feature
  • Onboarding Feature
  • 2FA
  • Dependabot and Github Actions

Payment Providers

  • Stripe


  • Phoenix
  • Phoenix LiveView
  • GraphQL


  • Tailwind with Daisy UI Framework
  • Alpine


  • $149 one time fee