PySaaS SaaS Boilerplate

Last update on
October 3, 2023

PySaaS provides a powerful SaaS boilerplate that serves as an invaluable resource for startups, aiming to streamline the development and launch of new web applications. Packed with essential features like user authentication, payment processing, and email notification systems, it enables you to focus on honing the unique features of your product. Utilizing PySaaS means that you can get your product to the market in a speedy and cost-efficient manner, bypassing the need to build everything from the ground up.


  • Authorization
  • Password Reset
  • Subscription Management
  • Landing Page
  • Blog CMS
  • UI Components

Payment Providers

  • Stripe
  • Lemonsqueezy


  • Reflex web framework
  • Python
  • Firebase
  • SQLite database


  • NextJS


  • Lifetime


  • $399 Unlimited projects