Rocket SaaS Boilerplate

Last update on
May 31, 2023

RocketApp is a SaaS boilerplate built using the React.js framework, designed to help software developers kickstart their SaaS projects. With RocketApp, you can focus on building the unique features of your application, rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure. RocketApp provides a fully functional user authentication system, subscription billing, and a dashboard for managing your users and subscriptions. It also comes with a robust set of APIs, allowing you to integrate with third-party services and build custom functionality for your application. Using RocketApp can save you weeks, if not months, of development time, allowing you to get your SaaS product to market faster. It's built with scalability in mind, so you can rest assured that as your user base grows, your application will be able to handle the load.


  • Multi-tenancy
  • Recurring billing
  • User management
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Complete documentation
  • Private slack workspace

Payment Providers

  • Stripe


  • Docker


  • Node.js
  • MongoDB


  • Tailwind CSS


  • Lifetime


  • $299 Single
  • $549 Unlimited