Top 3 Python SaaS Boilerplates 2024

Last update on
August 23, 2023

GeniePy SaaS Boilerplate

GeniePy is a Python-based SaaS boilerplate that helps software developers build SaaS applications quickly and easily. It provides a powerful starting point that includes features such as user authentication, subscription management, and payment processing. Built on top of Flask and leveraging modern web technologies, GeniePy saves you time and money.

Key Features

  • User Management
  • Subscription Payments
  • Admin Interface


  • $149 Per Project

SaaS Forge SaaS Boilerplate

SaaS Forge is a Python-based SaaS boilerplate that simplifies the development process of SaaS applications. It comes equipped with everything you need to get started, including user authentication, email integration, payment gateway integration, and more. Our comprehensive documentation and dedicated support team make it easy to get started.

Key Features

  • Subscription Payments
  • Payment Integration
  • User Admin Dashboard


  • $0 Open Source
  • $239 Professional

PySaaS SaaS Boilerplate

PySaaS offers a SaaS boilerplate founded on Python. Its preloaded features let you focus on creating unique product traits, saving time and money.

Key Features

  • Authorization
  • Blog CMS
  • Subscription Management


  • $399 Unlimited projects

What is a Python SaaS Boilerplate?

A Python SaaS boilerplate is a pre-built package of software tools and functionality that simplifies the process of building a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application using the Python programming language. It is a ready-to-use codebase that includes many commonly used features such as authentication, user management, billing, and more, allowing developers to start building their SaaS applications with minimal setup time.

What is Python?

Python was created by Guido van Rossum in June 1991 and has since become one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. It has over 55.1k stars on Github, and there are over 142,648 websites currently using Python.

Python's popularity can be attributed to its readability, concise syntax, and powerful libraries that make it an ideal language for scientific computing, data analysis, and web development. It has a vast community of developers who have created countless libraries and frameworks that can be used to build anything from small scripts to large-scale applications.

Python offers several benefits:

  • Readability and Simplicity: Python's syntax is designed to be clear and readable, making it excellent for beginners. It emphasizes on simplicity and readability, using simple English keywords often where other languages use punctuation.
  • Highly Productive: Python is considered a highly productive language due to its simple and clean syntax. It provides constructs that enable developers to write clear programs on both small and large scales.
  • Interpreted Language: Python is an interpreted language meaning it executes the code line by line which makes debugging easier and efficient.
  • Dynamically Typed: In Python, you don’t have to define the data type of a variable, you can directly use the variable wherever required.
  • Standard Library: Python's rich standard library supports many tasks such as web service tools, internet protocol support, string operations, operating system interfaces, and protocols.
  • Multiple Programming Paradigms: Python supports multiple programming paradigms like procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming.
  • Portability and Extensibility: Python codes are portable and can be executed on a wide variety of hardware platforms and has the same interface on all platforms. It's also extensible, you can write some Python code in C or C++ language as well.
  • Wide Range Applications: From web and game development to machine learning and data analysis, Python finds its place everywhere.
  • Integration Feature: Python integrates the Enterprise Application Integration that makes it easy to develop Web services by invoking COM or COBRA components.
  • Community Support: Python has a large following and active community that has developed many plugins and guides. It also has a vast collection of libraries and frameworks.